YouBlogger is our Youblog section where we allow everyone to voice all their tech thoughts by writing cool tech blogs.


YouBlogger is our Youblog section where we allow everyone to voice all their tech thoughts by writing cool tech blogs.

YouBlog: Will Smart Telecom’s Internet packages last forever?

It's unfortunate that Smart Telecom is going unnoticed with its favorable internet packages on the market today.

8 obnoxious Ugandan characters on social media that make my day

Apart from the camera, the most commonly used apps on my phone are the social media apps. I just love the free gossip, yes that which finds you at your desk without having to sweat for it. I particularly love Monday mornings. I look forward to finding out who attended which event, who got married, whose child had a birthday party, who got engaged, I mean anything even those who had katogo for breakfast. There is a way stuff just falls in place. Like that good movie in the cinema with all the drama, suspense, humor, all in one place.

My Geek Boyfriend

A lot has been said about how the job a man has, or the career of a man will determine how he is when it comes to relationships. For example a manicurists is good at touch, any woman can testify to how those guys give that leg massage. Others claim a car mechanic is a rough one and a doctor will know his way around the body. I happen not to have any of those. My dear man is a geek. Yes, the kind that sits on a computer all day coding. Yes,

The people behind all these rampant sex tape leaks in Uganda...

Last year we had many things happening from some Kampala socialites having whatever happens in their privacy leaked directly to our mobile phones. Desire, Zari among others have fallen victim of all this. And now this year, one of our own local TV news anchors had her s@x tape leaked. OMG, everyone on social media was looking for this video as if it contained anything worth the fuss. Well, I am not here to compare all the different tapes, but have to wonder and ask yourself these questions. Who is responsible for leaking these tapes?

Hustling through this Smartphone Era

Well am probably the best example that has in the past months tried to run but surely failed to hide from the Smartphone era. Recently at a highly hyped executive party enjoyed maximally, all of a sudden it turned out to be a moment of regret. As executives and friends exchanged contacts, they used a more easy and modified saying.

How To Install Apple’s iOS 8 and OSX Yosemite right now

OS X Yosemite, Apple’s latest entry OS X update will be officially available to consumers free of charge on an unspecified date this September...If you also have an iPhone or iPad and to stand out from the crowd and enjoy the beautiful new iOS 8, or enjoy great cross-functional perks like receiving phone calls an SMS texting directly from your Mac with the new OS X,.....