Blackberry R10 spotted: A more affordable Q10

A third member of the new BlackBerry family of smartphones has been spotted in red and white posing for the camera. The BlackBerry R10, as it’s called, is going to join the already available Z10 and the Q10, which is soon hitting the market. The Canadian phone manufacturer hasn’t announced the BlackBerry R10 yet , so information is sparse at the moment. The source of the photo adds that it’s a “mid tier” handset with a plastic build, which nevertheless feels “nice”.

The R10 is destined to sit below the BlackBerry Q10, and is aimed to get more masses and BlackBerry OS users who wants a more affordable QWERTY device especially in developing nations like Asia and Africa. According to the person behind the leak, the R10 is scheduled to come out in Q3 this year, but a more specific time slot hasn’t been mentioned. Specifications of the smartphone are yet to be known.

Source | VIA