Blackberry and Samsung team up to ‘secure’ Android

John Chen

At Google I/O conference in June this year, Google gave a seal of approval to Samsung’s knox as the next standard for Android Enterprise and security. And today in the US, BlackBerry has in a surprising move announced a partnership that will offer a new level of security to Android phones. The fruits of this collaboration is expected to see the day of light early next year. This program will bring together BlackBerry’s end-to-end encryption system into Samsung’s Knox system, adding new encryption standards and support to the program. This is seen as a good strategy for Blackberry as we shall get to see its solutions on more smartphone and tablets than ever before. The new program will also add features to deal with the disputes of security on Android, including specific mechanisms to protect data

Several Samsung devices were approved for secure government use in the US earlier this year, although according to Apple Insder, a   vulnerability report in October described the existing Knox system as “completely periled.”  But Samsung’s Injong Rhee in a statement said

“Samsung Knox is focused on delivering secure mobility solutions to enterprises,Combined with [BlackBerry’s] BES12, we will offer more options for customers that need enhanced levels of security on Android devices.”