BBC Watchdog to investigate Samsung’s Galaxy S 4’s storage claims (video teaser))

“Samsung claims that its brand new Galaxy phone has an extra-large memory, but what did it forget to mention?” That’s the question BBC’s Anne Robinson will be  answering  on the next investigative episode of the consumer rights show called Watchdog. As Techjaja we can’t restrain ourselves from giving you a spoiler of what the show will be all about.

It has been a common issue for gadget users when they buy a device expecting to utilize the advertised memory space from the manufacturer only to find less, and the fact that almost half of the phone’s memory is already occupied by the manufacturer’s own software and apps. According to UK retailer Clove, there’s just 9.5GB of storage left for customers to fill in the Samsung galaxy for your 16GB unit here we found 8GB available. We are still wondering how the 16GB of storage magically transforms into 8GB of usable space. My guess is because of the gazillion Samsung apps and s-features. While the smartphone maker argues that the phone does offer an expansion option in the form of a microSD card slot (up to 64GB, no less), some apps still seem to prefer to reside on built-in storage over anything removable. You can watch the video teaser for the next Watch dog show.

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source: videolan (Youtube)