Apple is rumored to show off a redesigned OS X next month

os x

Apple has secretly been working on a revamped desktop software and we are soon to see the results at the annual developer conference WWDC. According to 9to5Mac‘s Mark Gurman, who is seen as a reputable source for Apple news, Apple’s OS X 10.10 will see a big refresh this year.

The source states that this “end-to-end redesign” will be Apple’s most comprehensive since launching OS X over a decade ago. Just like they did for the iphone and ipods with iOS, the Apple wants to make similar aesthetic changes with OS X but they will not change the fundamentals of the Operating System.

codenamed syrah

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The project is codenamed “Syrah,” OS X 10.10 and the UI will reportedly have sharper corners, more white space, and iOS 7-esque toggles. We shall also see some features jump ship from iOS to the desktop OS, despite Apple always reassuring its users that its two operating systems will remain unique, but we have see n features like an iOS-like Launchpad, Mac App Store, and applications that began on mobile like Maps.

As for what’s in store for iOS 8, Gurman builds on his previous rumors, saying that new apps like Healthbook, TextEdit, and Preview are on the way, along with changes to Siri and iCloud. The source further notes that “some of the notable features in the works” could potentially be pushed back to a later release, as a number of employees that usually work on iOS have been moved over to work on getting OS X ready for its WWDC unveil.

no apple tv

There were several rumors that also indicated a new Apple TV for the first half of this year, but according to9to5Mac  “the product’s debut seems to have been pushed back.” Both a new set-top box and a “thorough revamp” of the Apple TV software are in the works, but the two projects are not the same. So new software could be released for older Apple  The next WWDC officially kicks off a month from now on June 2nd, and we are yet to see if these rumors still hold.