Apple’s OS X Yosemite: All you need to know

OS X Yosmite

Yesterday, Apple unveiled its latest OS for it’s MAC laptops called OS X Yosemite and we followed it closely. Tim Cook warmed up the crowd with excitement promising a mother of all developer releases. The CEO Said

” We’re shipping some of the best Macs ever. Our latest release of OS X Mavericks has done really great. It has great features for power users. We’ve installed over 40m copies of Mavericks. This is the most of a single release ever in Apple’s history.”

This means over 50% of Apple’s installed base is working on the latest OS. As it turns out, Windows 8 shipped a year before Mavericks, and it’s at 14%.


Craig Federighi was the star of the night before announcing the new name of the MAC OS, he reminded the crowd that over a year ago at WWDC the company averted an OS X naming crisis, they shifted from cats to beautiful places in California, now we have OS X Yosemite. All in all this is a fantastic new release with a new interface and big enhancements to their apps. And something we call continuity that was also a big in their latest iOS8 for mobile.


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WWDC Yosmite_2

The new design basics for the new OS was full of lots of grids, lots of tightening up of lines. And new icons! The icons look great, they’re flatter but not so flat that they’re insanely cool if you ask us. There’s a richness to them, a depth. Flat flat flat. But also a lot of work seems to have been done on iconography. And it looks good. Apple claims they have  refined the toolbars and the window materials. The window title bar is now using translucent ‘materials’. Yes, the same word (materials) was used by Apple during the presentation, is you ask us it’s mush more like an iOS 7 motif..

The translucent materials will enable effects like changing the desktop picture, which subtly adapt the window color temperature of the overall background. But for the Pro users Apple has something different for you they also introduced a dark mode. There is also a new look for sidebar apps, like Messages and sidebar apps, the translucently goes beyond the title bar into the sidebar.


Next let’s talk about Notification Center. It has a new Today view. Of course, ripped right from iOS. The notification center is also translucent with a “new today view” for “calendar, reminders, weather, and more.” You can “extend” Today view with 3rd-party apps and widgets too! You can extend the contents of Today View with widgets from the App Store, juts ike they did on the latest iOS.

There is a  new launcher — Spotlight has totally changed. Contacts now ties in searches / matches on your friends and family across documents and calendar events. Spotlight looks and works a lot more like launchers. Clearly there are some power users at Apple.WWDC Yosmite_10


In a very Google like move, Apple now has iCloud Drive. We all know that docs in the cloud provides a convenient way for working on something across platforms. But now with iCloud Drive all of those docs are accessible from within the Finder.” But even better, you can store all your files however you want, and they’re syncing across Macs, iPhones and iPad. This is  So Google Drive? There is also Windows compatibility too!


There is a very basic and stripped down look for the new Safari — getting almost all chrome out of the way. Safari is great for privacy as well. You can create a new private window now. There’s a better “Share” menu, which is where you see RSS and recent people you’ve messaged, so you can quickly send stuff to them.



Apple wants the transitions between devices to be as natural as possible and it all starts with AirDrop — it now works between iOS and the Mac. using a method that Apple likes to call Handoff! My god, Apple has created the Continuous Client.

WWDC Yosmite_8It’s a new lock screen icon on the lower left. If you swipe up on it, it lets you continue with your work on the iPad. You can swipe your work from one device to another to pick up your activity in real-time. It will pickup mail you’re writing on your phone, see that it’s near your computer using proximity awareness, and prompt you to finish the mail on your Mac. You can start a hotspot on your iPhone from your Mac. It just recognizes your phone is nearby and lets you set it up.Cool huh!!

WWDC Yosmite_7

You can now accept a call and use your Mac as a speakerphone.  And this works even if your phone is across the house. Plus Apple claims it’s also a great way to dial the phone. Even on a webpage. You can call it right from your Mac. A demo was done with a call to Dr Dre.Yosemite is available now for devs . Everyone else will get it in the fall. And it will be free. For the full iOS 8 features click HERE.