Apple Music tops 10 million installs on Android.

Apple Music

Apple music is Cupertino’s streaming app that spans across two of the most used mobile OSs in the world, Android and iOS. It is one of the few apps made by Apple to accomplish that particular feat, the other one being Move to iOS.

Apple launched it on Android in November 2015 in beta and it lost that respective tag when it exited beta a few months ago in August. Apple is reaping big from this particular endeavor by now counting an upwards of 10 million installs on Android out over 1 billion Android devices. The app now commands a paying subscriber base of 15 million (both on iOS and Android) with Spotify as the defacto streaming leader, counting more than 30 million paying subscribers.

The Google Play install stats put the app’s installs around 10 million – 50 million, away from the 5 million – 10 million installs prior to this writing. It is a win in its own right for Apple given it has only enjoyed a maximum of 10 months on the Play store. This hypothetically means that Apple music has on average been installed by 1 million users per month.

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The app is free on Android for for the first 3 trial months but one has to submit his card details to activate his/her Apple music account. After the trial period expires, one is billed $5 per month for an individual account with options of upgrading to a family membership that allows a maximum of 6 people for $8.

NB: Apple Music billing is region specific and varies according to one’s region.