Apple Music is now official on Android: How to Download, Signup and enjoy the free 3-month trial

Apple Music on Android

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[/blockquote]We’ve already established that you can use Apple Music in Uganda unlike other music streaming services which are a hustle to activate. Today, Apple Music has arrived on Android. The app launched in the Play Store is available in every region that Apple Music currently serves, except for China. All features including Beats 1, Connect, and custom music suggestions made to cut in the Android version; and the only things that aren’t available are music videos and the ability to sign up for a family plan. You will also notice that the app is said to be in a “beta” release for now, which is not a surprise since has several app crashes during our test with the new Music App.

Let alone the first two apps Apple has one the play store, (Beats App and Migrate from Android to Apple tool) this is Apple’s first real Android app, making this the first Apple-branded app that people will continually use. In our first use of the this app, we noticed that Apple has even tried to make it “look and feel like an Android app,” though it doesn’t exactly go all in on Google’s Material Design style.

Apple Music on Android

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It has more of the iOS look and feel than Android. For those who like to try  it must have an Apple ID for sign up, and existing subscribers will be able to use their account to sync any music that they’ve already set up. Like on iOS, Apple is offering a free three-month trial period for new users on Android however to get that trial you have to register your payment details before you can start listening to any music.

If you love the Apple Music service and have that unlimited data to stream music with a reliable data network, get ready to part with UGX 18,000 ($4.99) per month.

How to sign up for Apple Music on your Android Phone

  1. Download app here from the Google Play Store
  2. Launch the Music app. You’ll see a splash screen that welcomes you to Apple Music. From here, you can tap Start 3 Month Free Trial to begin the registration process. (If you tapped Go to My Music after first seeing this screen, you can return to this signup at any time by tapping the Account icon in the top left corner of the Music app and tapping Join Apple Music.)
  3. Choose a membership plan: either the $4.99/month individual plan only available for Android tap it and enter your payment details (You won’t be charged until your three-month trial ends.) Check out here how to turn off automatic renewals after the 3 -month trial period is done.
  4. Sign in to the iTunes Store with your Apple ID and password. Create one if you don’t have. You will also be prompted to agree to the new iTunes terms and conditions, if you haven’t already.
  5. Confirm that you want to sign up and Pay for Apple Music. (Again, you won’t be charged until your three-month trial ends.)
  6. Enjoy Apple Music