Android 4.3 update coming to Galaxy S4 and HTC One Google Play editions

We have not received our GS4 and HTC One Google play units yet but this comes as goof news. Just as Google promised the two flagship skin free Android  phones would be receiving updates as soon as new version of the OS is released, and the company wasn’t kidding. The lucky owners of the Play edition HTC One and Galaxy S4 are now receiving updates to Android 4.3, Xda-developers poster jsuresh and AnandTech have confirmed.

After over a week since Google announced the new Android version — plus the  Nexus line getting the this new update carries a strong message from Google.  Android 4.3 — still named Jelly Bean — are restricted user profiles, software support for Bluetooth Low Energy, and OpenGL ES 3.0 support for superior gaming experiences. Xda-developers forum member Aerys also notes that IR blaster support is included, opening up a new realm of possibilities. It should be noted the new just announced Moto X runs Android 4.2.2.

Source: Xda-developers poster jsuresh , AnandTech have confirmed.

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