All you need to know about the Sony PlayStation 4


Yesterday Sony’s E3 press conference started a full six hours after Microsoft’s ended its XBOX event. Seems Sony is determined for the PlayStation 4 not to repeat the mistakes of the PlayStation 3.  It’s a full on console war from here on out, and this was Sony’s best chance to prove it can win it.

Sony showed PlayStation 4 hardware actually and it’s all out on the table: a $399 pricetag, a sexy, slim box, and… video games that you own. It’s not rocket science, but Sony seems to get it this gen around. Sony has yet to show anything that implies it competes with the Xbox One as an home entertainment system, but it seems to get video games.



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The PS4 console looks like breed between the Xbox One and an early-gen PS2,and it packs slightly superior power to the Xbox One into a seemingly much thinner package.



The pricing is on the wall all you  have to do is save up and get it. All Sony really had to do this year at E3 is say “$399,”  drop the mic, and walk off the stage. Unfortunately, Sony didn’t clarify the launch date beyond the “holiday” word we’d heard earlier


ps4_the games

This includes titles like

  • Destiny
  • Final Fantasy XV’ and ‘Kingdom Hearts III
  • The Dark Sorcerer
  • The Order 1866
  • Indie games under a (brief) spotlight
  • Next-gen non-exclusives
  • Exclusive games like: The Last of Us, Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, and Gran Turismo 6.