All you need to know about Motorola’s new smartwatches for 2015

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Motorola’s quest for the perfect round smartwatch began last year with the release of the first Moto 360. It’s simplicity and round shape made it stand out from other Android Wear smartwatches last year. The watch faced several criticisms for its large size, horrible battery life, and the “flat-tire” at the bottom of the round watch face. It has now been over a year and Motorola is back to impress with its second generation of Android Wear Moto 360 devices. And this time around, one size doesn’t fit all like previously, so this is all you need to know about Motorola’s new smartwatches for 2015.

Three Smartwatches

The new Moto 360 comes in three distinct smartwatches or can we say a collection of smartwatches: There is a women’s version, a men’s version that comes in two sizes, and for the sports fanatics, there is a dedicated sport version, that comes complete with on-board GPS and outdoor-readable display. Just like the first Moto 360, customers will be able to customize the appearance and finishes of their watches. With over 300 possible combinations, Motorola surely has something for everyone to get that distinct look; with swappable bands that come in different colors, bezels, and sizes.

Watch Sizes

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The overall design is still round for both the men’s and women’s 360s. The men’s version comes in two versions, one is 46mm (same size as last year) and 42mm versions, while the women’s version is available with a 42mm face and narrower, 16mm strap mounts. To improve on the previous design, the strap mounts on both versions are now standard lugs fused to the outside of the watches. This now makes it easier to swap bands and give the watches a more traditional and flattering look.

The men’s version will be available in silver, gold, and black, while the women’s version can be optioned with silver, gold, or a new rose gold color. The women’s version is also available with a few new strap options, including a leather double wrap.

Flat tire is back

The display is still an LCD and not the OLED of other watches. It’s improved, but still doesn’t look as nice as the screens on the Apple Watch or LG Watch Urbane. Motorola has kept the overall shape of the display the same, and has retained the annoying “flat tire” at the bottom of the watch-face (6 o’clock). We are sure dedicated Moto 360 users already got over this by now. The company insists that this design allows it to have the highest screen-to-case ratio of any smartwatch, and customer research showed that most buyers do not find it to be an issue. Perhaps its worth noting that the flat spot is also where Motorola puts the ambient light sensor that enables automatic brightness adjustments, something that many other smartwatches do not offer.

The Internals

The new Moto 360s also have upgraded internals, now we have a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 processor, which will definitely help to improve performance and battery life . According to Motorola, the 46mm watch will last up to two days between charges, while the 42mm watch will be able to last about a day and a half. That’s about double what we’ve seen with the first-generation Moto 360.

The Spot Version

The Moto 360 Sport is still a black box, all we know is that it’s unique from the other versions in that it has a fixed silicone strap and special LCD display that can be read in direct sunlight. Just like the women’s version of the 360, it is also based on the 42mm size watch, though it’s chunkier than the standard model. It can track distance and map runs with its dedicated GPS chip.

Android Wear

Since Google controls Android Wear updates, the Moto 360s all run the latest version of Android Wear, and they are compatible with both iOS and Android. All Motorola can do to customize the experience is to add more watch faces and that they have done.  They have new “Live Dials,” which can be set to display weather conditions (with more info available with a tap), step count, battery levels, or app shortcuts. At launch, Live Dials can be set to open like Shazam, and IFTTT and Motorola says it’s making it possible for other developers to create Live Dials, as well.


Buyers can pre-order directly from the Motorola’s website. The men’s and women’s Moto 360s are available starting today and will begin shipping in a couple of weeks, while the Moto 360 Sport will be available later this year. Since there are a range of options you can use to customize your new Moto 360, pricing ranges from $299.99 to $429.99, which is more than last year’s watch. The Pricing of the Sport version is still kept under warps for now.


Image Credit: The Verge