All Things New at Yahoo!

Flickr launches restyled Android app for tablets and smartphones

Last December Flickr launched a redesigned app for iOS , finally it is giving its Android offering a similar overhaul. Announced moments ago on stage at Yahoo’s New York City event, the revamped Flickr for Android is available today for both phones and tablets. “The new Flickr for Android maintains your photos’ original quality, so every image you take, edit, share, or view on your phone or tablet looks spectacular,” wrote CEO Marissa Mayer in a Tumblr post announcing the update. The new-and-improved Flickr for Android includes support for 10 languages and is available in the Google Play store now.

Yahoo unveils the new Flickr with one terabyte of free space

Yahoo has just announced a complete redesign of Flickr at its New York City event — the new site is
live now and it comes with one terabyte of free photo space. Yahoo SVP Adam Cahan just made the announcement and said that “Flickr had become about words, little images, blue links. It was not about the photo anymore.”

But the new photostream changes that, will full-resolution images and a clean homepage with all the emphasis on images — it looks a lot like the Instagram web profile header.

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In short, Flickr’s done away with nearly all of the white space on Flickr, across every page you
visit. Other new features include iPhoto-style slideshows (complete with music), full-bleed photos with significantly-reduced UI elements, and extensive sharing options — you can push photos out to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or Pinterest. It’s a massive redesign, and it came together pretty fast — Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer said that the company talked about this project in March and “rallied as a full company” to get the project done in this quarter.

Flickr now has the tools to compete with the likes of Facebook and Google.

Yahoo won’t restrict porn on Tumblr


During Yahoo’s Flickr press event yesterday, CEO Marissa Mayer responded to a question about restricted content on Tumblr, and confirmed that Yahoo has no plans to cull controversial material — meaning Tumblr’s porn is safe. “It’s the nature of user-generated content,” Mayer said, answering one of the most pressing questions for many users of the service since rumors of the $1.1 billion acquisition
began to swirl. However, Mayer promoted Tumblr’s existing “NSFW” (not safe for work) tools to label controversial content on the network; “It’s really important to have great community tools like ‘NSFW’ that Tumblr already has in place,” she said.

Mayer’s comments specifically answer a question that was merely suggested this morning, when she wrote about the acquisition in the Yahoo blog. “Tumblr is incredible special and has a great thing going,” Mayer wrote. “We promise not to screw it up.”