Alcatel One Touch 6012D (Idol Mini) Review

Just the spec sheet couldn’t guarantee this phone is beastly. The specs are quiet good but don’t reflect exactly what is written about the handset. So I simply ask manufacturers to live up to their word. Many of you are wondering why I have begun on a sad note but it doesn’t mean the idol mini hasn’t got anything good about it. There are a lot of good things about this device as well as those awful ones that can make one consider the fact that other manufactures exist. So Alcatel should beef up their take on the One Touch lineage if renowned brands like Galaxy from the likes of Samsung are to be ousted from the top spot not forgetting the Xperia range from Sony, and recently LG coming with its G branding having dropped the Optimus moniker and Huawei with their Ascend line. All these brands are sounding, they are always on people’s lips, your hear them, see them and interact with them almost everywhere you go. It’s not a call to you TCT Mobile-Alcatel, it’s a humble request to entice consumers to choose you over others. So be calm as I take you through this journey.

What to expect

The Idol comes preloaded with android 4.2 (Jelly Bean), a relatively larger 4.3inch IPS screen, a 5MP rear camera,1.3GHZ dual core processor,512MB of RAM not forgetting it’s a dual-sim variant and the other mini comes with a single sim slot. Sorry those who have come to love LTE as this device only supports GPRS,EDGE & 3G+ with speeds up to 21Mbps. It packs Wi-Fi and of course Bluetooth so you shouldn’t worry about wireless transfers and access. I almost forgot to tell you that this device is a unibody so the back cover and the battery are un-removable just like the iPhone. Could this be an iPhone packing Android? The answer is absolutely NO and I guess some folks are like thumbs down just at this brief intro. Worry not this does not decide your choice as I am breaking down more just for you.

Does the camera live up to the competition ?

One thing I always love about any Smartphone is its camera before anything else comes up. The likes of Nokia are marketing their high-end smartphones like the Lumia 1020 using the camera, Sony did the same with its Xperia Z1, Z Ultra and now the Z1 compact, so did Apple and so many others. The camera has become that big that many consumers considerate about it before purchasing any Smartphone I inclusive. The spec sheet reads that this phone packs 5MP rear shooter but it didn’t live up to that especially in low light conditions. It was also a disappointment in other conditions and given the fact similar smartphones pack the same sensor but give out quality photos. Ones that you’re proud to share on your timeline without shame. So it was a disappointment given what a camera commands in making Smartphone choices and neither was the front facing camera. They say it can record videos at 720p@30fps but all that was a disappointment given the good smartphone cameras I have come to interact it. Take a look at the different pictures in different conditions.

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Memory just got unboxed

Just when you thought that photos from this phone come as moderate, then the storage of such photos will do you no good. The phones internal memory is 2GB not enough to store all your content but options are available with extra storage with an SD card already embedded within the phone bringing the total storage to 8GB. The problem remains with expansion in case the 8GB is used up. What will be the next choice? Will it be Dropbox? Google Drive? Or other cloud storage services. The specs read it could be expanded up to 32GB just like other android devices out there but this being a unibody, I doubt such expansion can be accommodated. Ooops that’s embarrassing. It has a 1.3 GHz dual core processor wasn’t cool at all. Not even with the utility apps I installed. I had plenty of free space to play around with and with that in mind I expected the phone to be incredibly fast but it turned out the opposite. Was the processor a marketing gimmick? Actually this device leaves a lot of unanswered questions. Will it actually live up to the competition?

 Then came the connection

 One thing I actually failed to agree with is the connections. I faced some glitches while trying to connect to the internet. It’s said that only SIM one can support the 21Mbps speeds and you could get a notification while changing the connection from SIM 1 to 2 that SIM 2 does not support 3G. But I was surprised at some instances having got 3G reception on SIM 2.Confusion isn’t it?  Not that I was under influence or something but I was at utmost sober levels so I saw this. I can’t recall when I last saw a miracle but I witnessed one in broad daylight. It didn’t require me to go sleep and only dream about it. Unless this was a technical issue but I will agree I got 3G reception on both cards. And also I was surprised finding out from the settings that there was an option of both cards getting 3G reception. That’s what we call …………………….. I don’t know!!!!!!!!! Alcatel will answer that. And help me our dear readers to demand for that answer. #WeNeedThatAnswer.

Besides the cons, what to expect ?

On the other side Alcatel really did a great job at the mid tier range as I am pretty sure it’s intended for such consumers and for first time Smartphone buyers, they wouldn’t get problems getting over with this phone. It comes pre-loaded with apps to walk you through all hustles like Alcatel help. It could give you the general skills, how to trouble shoot the device and you could even learn more. Alcatel cloud services came along with ONE TOUCH live. This has many apps at your finger tips for download free of charge but you can also find them on Google Play. So it’s no game changer but a good reason to account for why Android is open source. Such staff happens. Also the systems updates app came along so it does not need you to go through settings all that walk to get updates for your device. Just swipe through your apps and there you are, systems update and you’re good to go. But one pre-loaded app I came to love is the wireless keyboard. It allows you pair your device with a wireless keyboard and the typing begins.

Besides all that the phone really felt light and sleek. So Huawei watch out about your so-called slimmest P6. Alcatel just gave you a run for your money but of course yours has hat premium feel. When I first held this phone I couldn’t believe it weighed just a few pounds but it gave me that impression it’s a low-mid range tier Smartphone. The premium feel is miles away from this handset actually I thought it’s a Chinese clone as many have flooded our market. I almost forgot to tell you good ones worth the price. The following shots will take you through.

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