Browsing Pakalast Airtel Uganda Unlimited

Big red otherwise Airtel has been voted as having the most active subscribers amongst telecommunication companies in Uganda. In a survey conducted by GeoPoll in different Sub-Saharan countries that included Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria and Uganda, Airtel Ugandan scored first when it came to the most active customers, followed closely by MTN while Vodafone came third. There was no mention of others in the sector like Africell, Smart, Smile or K2.

GeoPoll couldn’t determine the scope of the survey like what particular service of the telecoms users were most active on but emphasized that it was most likely data utilization owing to the enormous uptake of internet services in the region catapulted by smartphone adoption citing a decline in smartphone prices leading user upgrades, while telecoms stimulate adoption via targeted campaigns, low-cost smartphone promotions and bundled data packages.

Image: GeoPoll

GeoPoll suggests it had over 2,700 respondents combined from all the countries that took part in this survey.

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Back to Airtel, it has made some strides this year like launching its long anticipated 4G network and joining the unlimited bandwagon with Browsing Pakalast while continuing to vie for the top spot in the Ugandan telecommunications sector that is very competitive as witnessed by the recent data wars.

Airtel Uganda is yet to join them and as kept mum while the rest hustle it out but you never know they might unveil an offer in the coming days or months for their red army of subscribers.