Aggregio App review: This is how you put all Ugandan News content in one Android App

Aggregio App review

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Everyday when I wake in the morning, I’m tasked to check whatever is unfolding across the globe, that comes as News. Often at times it will require one dropping off at their local Newsstand to buy their favorite News Daily– but that’s so yesterday –so I instead run through the many cluttered news apps on my phone apps. I normally go for the kill using, The Vision app, News Republic, Flip-board, or the Play Newsstand. Am therefore forced to go to individual prominent Ugandan Newspaper websites, crunch for news  disappointingly have to endure some of their websites  that suck.

Aggregio is here to solve me these early morning woes and brighten my average day since it promises to be a one stop center for whatever is happening in the news rooms of Ugandan media houses and blogs. This is the Aggregio App review, an app that promises to put all Ugandan news content in one great Android App.

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Does it live to serve it’s purpose?

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Aggregio is a home-bred news aggregation app, but solely focused on Ugandan content, you read that right. Something I shed tears of joy for  when Ugandan developers give local solutions a light of the day for our problems. I should add kudos. Putting the mambo jambo aside, you’re assured of hard-hitting headlines from prominent media houses like the New Vision, Daily Monitor,Techjaja, Red pepper, The Kampala Sun, Chimp Reports and a whole bunch of other sources. All of which come as default sources.

The content is tailored basing on one’s preference. If  yo crave for “lugambo”, there you have it in the gossip section, MPs chasing after bills, the top news section will have the story for you. And your English infested sports section is at your service. Other sections include Technology, Entertainment, Business &  Assorted, a curated section of sorts, all staying true to what they represent.

Aggregio gives you the option of filtering through your news sources but unfortunate bit is that you can’t add new ones, as the makers of the app dictate what news sources you can access.


The User Interface

The  menu at the extreme upper left harbours; Read news which is no different from the welcoming interface, Manage sources, that allows you organize to your preferred sources and Bookmarks is where you get to read saved articles. You can access it if you swipe right too. The extreme upper right then has the Refresh and Settings at the three dotted hamburger menu. The screen is entirely filled with the main news sections, these are a lineup and are easier to reach and very intuitive. Expect to find some Ads that you could easily mistaken for content.

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The User Experience

Scrolling through a news article gives you the option of bookmarking it for a later read and the sharing option isn’t far away. This allows you to share stories to an legion of apps that are already installed on your smart gadget,which is something great that we’ve come to love about the Android eco-system. Those using tablets will have great reading experience with this app.

However, this isn’t your photo rich Flip-board app, with the exception of Hero images. This nonetheless saves on your data bundles as you scroll through plain text articles but at the end of the day, it gets the job done. At the bottom end of each and every article, will be welcomed by stories  which you can opt to read in the main app or in a browser, and all exhibit the same awesomeness as the main app stories. We notice that the app will neglect all other graphics within the article as it only displays the featured image of that particular post.

It should be noted that scrolling through the news feed will bombard you with ads that appear as sponsored but as we said you can easily mistaken some of these ads for content. You shouldn’t raise any complaints since Aggregio is a free service so ads are expected.

What they missed

Being a 1.1 version, I would excuse the team at Aggregio on their mishaps which nevertheless included slowed refresh rates, getting headlines as they happened 5 minutes ago was a miracle, the limited sources of news added insult to the injury. ( However the latter is well-known to us as an industry problem owing to the fact that getting Ugandan content is like looking for an oasis in a scorching sun desert).

You can download the app here and give it a try.