After rediculing Google glass Saturday Night Live’s Fred Armisen tries them out for real (Video)

Our friends at Engadget have had a quick chat with Saturday Night Live comedian actor who a few weeks back made a funny skit with Seth Meyers who made a fool out of the early google glass users. During the skit, there was a lot of shouting, twitching and, for us at least, laughing.

Meeks is played by the incredibly talented Fred Armisen, also well-known for IFC’s surreally hilarious Portlandia. In reality, we learned, Armisen had never used Google Glass. That was a situation we were happy to fix. Armisen was excited by the concept and thinks there’s plenty of potential for professional use of Glass. “Maybe for regular people having a coffee it might not be ideal, but for a worker working on something, or someone driving, it probably is something that could be helpful.” What sort of work? Check out the video to see his suggestions

Source: Engadget