Africell Uganda Up for Sale? F*** Bombs Fired by Boss- Racism and Turning to Radio Business

Africell Uganda CCO Milad Khairallah

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All is not well at Africell Uganda after finalizing the acquisition of Orange Uganda at $ 12 million (UGX 36 Billion). Africell seems to be haunted by the ghosts and $167M (UGX 500B) debt burden left behind by Orange and Hits telecom.Africell is crunching in crisis after crisis and it needs divine intervention to fix this crux. About a month back, we reported of the uncertainty and panic in the corridors at Africell which was later followed by a massive lay off of 59 staff.


The Chief Commercial Director Milad Khairallah (featured image above) is allegedly a stinking racist, one of the staff who have experienced his torrent of racists chants narrates the experience has offending and worse still he yells at Ugandan-black-staff and whispers to fellow Lebanese expatriates in disputatious Arabic while chiding at you in Arabic words “3bdallah” which means slave or servant in Arabic, this and so many other Arabic slurs freely fly around the walls of his office and flip off the top of his lips in most of his engagement with Uganda-black-staff .

He swears in English like in the leaked email below and it’s hell-on-earth to enter his second floor office and all his subordinates that’s (sales, marketing and branding people) are daunted as one can sniff abhorrence off their shirts and blouses.

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However, he is said to have immunity from above because his relatives with Chairman and CEO Africell group Mr. Ziad Dalloul. Unconfirmed reports also point out that he did the same while head of marketing Africell Gambia.

Below is an email screenshot where he throws F**** bomb during email communication.

Africell F boom email_2

Hiring ‘experts’ that need translators

As reported earlier, the high influx of foreigners” Lebanese” whose level of expertise is questionable, the company has taken a notch higher by hiring a new distribution manager who is Congolese – Lebanese (Speaks Arabic and French) and can’t construct a single English sentence. The the company is now compelled to hire an interpreter to help handle his translation services and that’s just one of the many questionable decisions especially for key departments taken over by the Lebanese expatriates.

New poor quality SIMcards and Scratch Cards??

We still wonder whether Africell is being reaped off by new SIMcard manufacturer, as the SIMcards and airtime scratch cards seem to have been made by an intern at Nasser road. Take a look below and you see what we trying to describe to you, these cards could pass for a product sample reject at another telecom.

Africell Vs Orange scratch cards
Africell Vs Orange scratch cards
Poor quality SIM card packs
Poor quality SIM card packs


“Orange” Cash Cow reportedly Data on Sale

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It has come to our attention that Africell Uganda is reportedly in talks with a few potential buyers to sale off its ISP division to a new buyer in a move that’s meant to split the company into different independent divisions operated by third parties and not departments like it has been the case during the previous management. The move is to eventually split Africell Uganda into voice and data divisions. The ISP division includes Ceragon link point to point business, 4G LTE and Wimax (soon to be killed off) the ISP division is in charge of dedicated internet and high-end corporate clients.

Africell Uganda will also be selling off (in a licensing deal) the 4G spectrum Africell occupies 10MHz bandwidth in the 800 MHz band to an unknown buyer (we shall keep you posted on this). It should be noted that the ISP division has been bringing in more money than the rest of the divisions combined and only had 8 key staff running it for the last couple of years.

This has come as a surprise because the Africell holding had initially planned to upgrade the infrastructure of the telecom specifically to boost its data business, an area where it says it has an edge over its bigger competitors, such as MTN and Bharti Airtel.

For the voice division, Africell Holdings promised a new $ 150 million investment to enable the company attract more voice subscribers so it can reach its target of at least 6 million voice subscribers by 2019 from the current 618,000 subscribers which is predicted to be 20% market share.


Joining Radio Business

Africell RadioAfricell is devising means of setting up a radio station and plans are in advanced stages to have the necessary paper work done before mid-year for (AfriRadio) to go on Air. Their success story in Gambia with AfriRadio has prompted them to add radio as part of their mandate as a medium of communications.

Africell Chairman in the country

The current tide at Africell Uganda has been volatile forcing the Group chairman to come into the country to try and sort out the impasse. Mr. Ziad Dalloul is in the country to save Africell’s image and his relatives who are facing a mirade of battles from former employees and the public. The company recently hired PR guru Simon Kaheru to try and combat the negative vibes on Social Media aimed at the company. Kaheru’s crisis Management strategy is mainly meant to change the mindset of the public, since the new the company directors had been accused of racist comments towards its employees. Media Analsyt owned by Kaheru as hit ground by issuing a press statement refuting the claims that the New owners had called Ugandan Employees ‘Black Monkeys’ as they took over operations of then Orange telecom, Uganda.

More details to follow in the next exclusive story during the course of the week.