Annual Communications Innovations Awards 2015 are now open for submission

ACIA 2014 _ Acolades
The Acolades

The preparations for this year’s Annual Communications Innovations Awards (ACIA) 2015 is underway. The 2015 ACIA, just like the previous years is annual initiative that fosters innovation through the recognition and reward of outstanding ICT innovations in Uganda. This UCC initiative aims to encourage local involvement in developing innovative products, services and content. The ICT ACIA Awards 2015 now open for entry and you can register here.

It should be noted that submission for Primary and Secondary schools closes on 15th March, while all other submission will close on April 10th 2015. The award ceremony its self-will be held on 22nd May 2015. Just like the previous years the awards recognize innovation in four categories.

Young ICT Innovators

This category targets the youth and has 3 subcategories where they can take part. The Primary and Secondary School students will compete first at a regional level and winners at this stage will advance to compete nationally.

Business Excellence

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This award will recognise the most innovative locally developed ICT solution for improving the performance of an organisation (small, medium or large) in terms of efficiency, effectiveness or both.

ICT for Development

This award will recognise the best ICT solution that has been developed to address any of Uganda’s challenges in Education, Health, Agriculture, Environment sustainability, Government services, ICTs for the disadvantaged.

Digital Content

This award will recognize the most innovative approaches in the compilation of local text, images – including video, or sound into a program, application or product that enhances the value and use of communication platforms in Uganda