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We’ve always written articles warning our readers not to fall victim of buying fake smartphones in Uganda, if you are in doubt, you can read this or this for more information. A one victim Alemi James has been ranting over Social Media lamenting how he was “smartly” conned and lost over UGX 1,850,000 in his quest to get himself a brand new Galaxy Note 5 (not be confused with the burning Galaxy Note7) by a racket of some Rwandan traders who operate at Mutaasa Kafeero Plaza shop number 16 L3. It should be noted that an original Galaxy Note 5 goes for about UGX 2.0-2.8 million on the market today.

When we reached out to James, he told us that these so called “investors” trick their customers with eye catching advertisements on Social Media. When he discovered that he had been sold a counterfeit phone, he returned it to them only to be given another used counterfeit Note 5 after topping up another UGX 350,000 as they assured him that the second device was unused compared the first one he bought.  Despite all this, they have still not refunded all his money.

According to James, he suspects its a whole racket of fake phone traders in their quest to survive the streets of Kampala. He further wrote on his Facebook page:

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Warning profanity ahead.

As usual, at Techjaja we encourage all smartphone buyers to be vigilant and do enough research before buying any device around Kampala.