900,000 Microsoft surface tablet shiped in Q1 says IDC


With along way to catch up with the iPad, Microsoft has only shipped 900,000 Surface tablets during the recent quarter, according to data from  International Data Corporation, IDC. It had been rumored previously that the total for Surface RT and Surface Pro sales were under just one million, with most of the units made up of Surface Pro.

Microsoft entered into the top five vendors for tablet sales, with a Q1 market share of 1.8 percent. Meanwhile Apple continues to dominate with nearly 40 percent market share for its iPad devices, with Samsung in second place shipping close to 18 percent of all tablets worldwide.

While Microsoft’s own Surface numbers are slow after six months, total combined shipments for Windows 8 and Windows RT tablets are also low and reached 1.8 million units in the recent quarter. IDC says Android surpassed iOS in the recent quarter
to secure 56.5 percent of the market share, with iOS in second place with 39.6 percent. Combined shipments of Windows RT and Windows 8 total just 3.7 percent. IDC’s figures are lower than recent estimations from Strategy Analytics. The research firm believes Windows-branded tablets have reached 7.5 percent in the recent quarter.

“Windows 8 and Windows RT tablets continued to struggle to gain traction in the market.”

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Sources: VERGE | IDC