5 new features in Apple’s Photo app for the Mac PC

Photos App for Mac

The new Apple Photo app for the desktop is the company’s vision on the future of photography. Its a total rethinking of how people will manage their photo library on a Mac PC, something that’s been iPhoto’s home turf for more than a decade now. This week, Apple released a new Photo app that will replace both iPhoto and and it’s app for pro photographers called Aperture on the desktop . Both have now been discontinued in favor bringing the tools people have on their iPhones and iPads to the Mac with Apple’s iCloud in mind.

This is an entirely new app with changes to the User Interface, and how you edit photos. This is a list of  some of the 5 new features on Apple’s Photos app for Mac.Photos App for Mac_2

  1. There is a new auto-crop tool that looks at your photo and helps you interpret where the horizon is, then adjusts it according to the rule of thirds.
  2. For people who use their iPhones and iPads to take pictures, there’s now a way to sort between specialty photos and videos from Apple’s newer devices. It will useful for slow-motion video, timelapse video and  panoramics , look at it as away of bring iOS to the Mac.
  3. New square book formats if you’re printing photos through Apple.
  4. Next is Apple’s changed something, now its shared Photo Stream section look less like albums, and has made it look like it does on iOS. The big difference here is that any shared albums you have with friends show up in the main source list instead and will not be invisible within the app.
  5. A new zoomed out view is something we’ve seen on iOS 8 that basically makes your picture thumbnails very tiny. You basically have a bird’s eye view of all your photos on one screen.