3 must have Android apps for job hunters

University or high school has ended and the next obvious step in life is to hit the streets and look for a job to put those over 20 years of hard work at school to test, but you have no where to start from. The same goes to those seeking to leave their current jobs. I wont go into the details of unemployment rates in Uganda and Africa at large, but to cut the long story short its not that impressive. I could go on to chat about the current situation  joblessness but chances are I’m preaching to the choir.

By the time you have taken time off to read this, its a no brainier that you surely know or expect to have difficulties in job hunting. Worry not the crew at techjaja has got you covered in a tech way, well at least if you own an Android phone that your parents or lover bought you or one you hustled to buy after that odd job you did and saved your hard earned money. So i might as well make it easier on yourself by checking out 3 few helpful Android mobile apps  designed to help you achieve the dream of that office desk job or a coroner’s office if you into that kind of thing.


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LinkedIn (free app)

Most of us know LinkedIn as a premier social networking service for business, but some don’t trust that they can get a paying job after posting an impressive resume in their profile. Human Resource trends of getting the right candidates for particular jobs is changing as some companies have resorted to scouting for people via LinkedIn. And the fact that it’s so pervasive is
also what makes it incredibly useful.

The site and its companion mobile apps (all free)  will let you associate with other members on the basis that you have worked with or otherwise know that person, which is extremely good given that recommendations are often the most effective ways to secure interviews.

All that is based on the professional profile you build that includes your education, accomplishments, work history, mission statement, and other specific skills. There are cool options that allow your connections to endorse your skills, such as previous project works or Customer Service.

Another cool feature on the mobile app, is that you can activate push notifications to keep track of
new jobs in your field and alert you to incoming messages from potential


Resume ready

Resume Ready Lite—(free)

Next you have you’ve found a number of positions you’d like to try your luck and apply for, it’s time to
craft the perfect résumé—or even better update the one you already have. Am sure you are surprised to know that with only an Android app and without a computer you can edit your CV.

Resume Ready Light is a free app for Android that provides a variety of tools for building and managing your résumé on the go. With the builder feature in the app you will be provided blank fields for all the standard sections, such as objectives, skills, experience, and certifications.

You can also export your résumé as TXT, HTML, or PDF files, or you can email it directly to your hiring contact. As a bonus there is also achievement manager, which lets you keep track of your accomplishments so you won’t forget them in future résumé updates. This is just a free version you can always buy the the
Pro version ($3.87) unlocks all features.

Job Interview Question_Answer


Job Interview Question-Answer (free app)

So you’ve forged the best CV/ résumé and scored yourself an interview—Great! Now it’s time for reality to kick in: impressing the hiring manager in person. Having been on an interview panel a number of times, it is common to find a person totally different from their resume.

Few things are more nerve-wracking than a job interview, which is why it  helps to practice. This app (Job Interview Question-Answer) provides a  perfect way to do that. The app gives you five free  questions that are commonly asked during an interview, such as  “Describe yourself in one word.”

You are recorded as you answer the questions, so you can review your response in terms of content and body language. Then, you can watch job interview coach Peggy McKee answer the same question in order to improve your performance.


If the apps above don’t cut it for you you can try and visit sites like  NFT Consult or BrighterMonday.


If know of any other Android job apps that will help the community out there, feel free to leave them in the comment section below.