These 4 apps are guaranteed to make you LOL

Apps to make you LOL

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In most cases we download apps for either gaming, productivity, research, entertainment and the list goes on. But, once in a while we need to loosen up, and indulge in something to make us “LOL” which means Laugh Out Loud (for those who have been living in a cave). iOS and Android are a great platform and filled with all sorts of Apps for everything. Here are our top four funny Android and iOS apps to keep you laughing long into the night.

1. Imgur

This is one of the funniest platforms on planet earth with both an app and website and its concerned with images and GIFS, but, dare I say, it has a little more depth than the former. Naturally there are plenty of funny GIFS and images, which are updated constantly, but there are also many amazing ideas and stories to share.

The app interface itself is easy and intuitive; you can spend hours just swiping through page after page. Just make sure you remember to close the app at some point.

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Imgur: Awesome Images & GIFs
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2. Vine

This one is a must get as it has made me and my friends crack up more times than I can count. Like GIFS, Vines are short, repeating videos that can be uploaded and shared on a platform not a million miles away from Twitter.

These short videos are endlessly replayable (literally) and you can follow favorite accounts and channels so that you’re always fed the Vines you’re interested in. For nonstop quickfire laughs, go to Vine.


Vine – video entertainment
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3. 9GAG

9GAG is mostly known as an image hosting website and on both iOS and Android that is home to thousands of photos and memes. But it’s also so much more than that. It’s a community, often a very shrewd one, that curates the most laugh-out-loud images and videos on the internet, into different categories, such as Funny, WTF, GIF and MEME.

It’s a highly rated app because it is stable and efficient. Try it out.


Install on Google Play

4. Buzzfeed

This is a media website that covers a wide range of topics and popular cultural happenings but their articles are often hysterical. You will know the type of content by now no doubt: big irresistible lists of things such as “13 potatoes that look like Channing Tatum“. Best of all, there is a dedicated LOL section, too.

buzz feed BuzzFeed Install on Google Play

Do you know any other apps that are LOL-worthy? Feel free share them in the comments section below.

Featured Image Credit: Wise Geek