Digital Communication Awards 2014 Call for Nominees

The inaugural Digital Communication Awards have been designed to recognize and promote the talent and effort of the best online content creators, software developers, web designers, bloggers, corporate organizations, government agencies and technology enthusiasts that have demonstrated excellence and dedicated to the cause of raising the standards of excellence on the Internet in Uganda.
Entries are going to be judged on various criteria, including: Design, Content, Usability, Standards Compliance, Accessibility, Cross-Browser Compatibility, and more.

Included are 35 categories ranging from recognizing outstanding personalities , outstanding tech products, enterprise software firms and an array of categories specific to use of new media like social networking tools ,video content creators and lastly the academia.

Best of all, the internet community is invited to select the nominees as the nominees will be announced on 30 December 2014.We are open to any individual or organization that may be interested in sponsorship or technical contribution towards the success of the awards .
Feel free to nominate people for the different categories as listed below.

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  1. Male Technologist (Technical) of the Year.
  2. Female Technologist  (Technical)  of the Year
  3. Emerging (Technical)Talent of the Year.
  4. Male Blogger(Blog) of the Year.
  5. Female Blogger (Blog) of the Year

Expectations from this category

The Digital Communication Award in these categories recognize outstanding individuals in the field of mobile and Apps all categories are open to individuals but included is a special category for female technologists and emerging talent of the year specifically for under-graduate students or any innovator still attending school.

Outstanding Tech Products 

  1. Mobile App of the Year
  2. Best USSD/SMS App
  3. Best Radio and TV App
  4. Best New Tech Product or Tech Start-Up
  5. Best Website (User Experience and Aesthetics)

Expectations from this category

Phones play an increasingly important role in digital communication. They ensure continuous availability and the ability to intervene in digital events at any time. Apps offer extensive functionality and enable efficient use of various web applications.The app of the year  category is open to any individual or company.

 Enterprise Software Category

  1. Enterprise Software of the Year
  2. Enterprise Software Development Firm of the Year

Expectations from this category

This category is meant to recognize companies that develop enterprise software and have been outstanding in terms of building local capacity in terms of training ,community outreach and software developed for the local market as for Enterprise software App of the year it’s open to any enterprise software tool developed for the local market.

Category of Web Application ,Web-Apps, Websites and Web-Portals

  1. Best Government System Implementation (E-Governance Project)
  2. Best Corporate Service (System)
  3. Best Non-Profit Organization (IT Project) or Campaign
  4. Best E-Commerce Application
  5. Best Travel /Tourism IT Innovation
  6. Best Magazine / News Content Creator
  7. Best Online Social Entertainment Platform
  8. Best Educational Platform /App /Project / Campaign

Best Use of New Media Categories .

  1. Social Media Influencer of the Year
  2. Social Media Diaspora Personality of the Year
  3. Social Media Emerging Young Star of the Year
  4. Social Media Live Event Webcast(er) of the Year
  5. Best Use of Social media by Government/Public Sector
  6. Best Use of Social media by Corporate Entity.
  7. Best Use of Social media by Radio Station/Television Station
  8. Best Use of Social media by News Agency.
  9. Best Use of Social media by Celebrity
  10. Best Use Of  Photography on social Media (Instagrammer)

Expectations from this category

Subtle, authentic communication over social channels like Facebook,Twitter ,LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram  requires both an awareness of the needs of the target group, and an awareness of sentiments conveyed. The most innovative and efficient social platforms, using straight-to-the-point information, will win the Digital Communication Awards in this category.

 Video Content

  1. Best Video Commercial of the Year
  2. Best Motions Graphics Contributor/Agency
  3. Best Online Video Channel  (YouTube)
  4. TV Station with Best Technology Content

With the help of online video channels like YouTube, organisations are able to both communicate online and increase their visibility. The winning online video channel engages their audience with high quality content, is characterized by popularity in terms of subscribers and views, and interaction with viewers via online comments.

Academic Research

  1. Best Bachelor’s or Master’s Thesis Project

Expectations from this category  

Best Bachelor’s Thesis Bachelor’s dissertations displaying an academic approach and clear practical relevance, can be submitted in this category. The professional relevance and innovative nature of the thesis, coupled with a sound evaluation of performance, will be the key factors in the assessment of the entries.

Best Master’s Thesis Submissions in this category should contribute to the clarification of scientific theory or application-related problems and solutions to problems in the country. The honored entries will provide a thorough academic treatment of the subject, including a consideration of the current state of research in the area and a strong and clear focus on application.

Please take off some time off your busy schedule to fill in the nomination forms below and please note most of the form fields are optional and you have the right to leave them empty but only fill in those categories with which you comfortable nominating individuals or apps or organisations that you know about. Online Nomination link is here