Smartphone for the blind in the works, will initially be available in India

In this fast changing world filled with lots of innovations, the smartphone market is rapidly growing as well, now blind people will soon be able to receive SMS’s and emails on their smartphones, which automatically changes text into Braille patterns.

The technology in this phone based on an innovative touch screen that is capable of elevating and depressing to create readable text from the content it receives.A Shape Memory Alloy technology will be used to sport a grid of pins which will move up and down as required. The grid is said to have a Braille display, where pins will come up with a character or a letter. The screen will also be capable of elevating and depressing the contents that forms patterns in Braille. However, the rest of the
elements will be like any other smartphone.

The project began three years back by Sumit Dagar, the developer and will be collaborating with IIT Delhi on making the prototype, which is currently in its testing level.