Ouya Limited Edition units have been fast tracked for shipping

Ouya the $99 kick starter gaming console company has today shown that they realize the value of communication, they have filled us in with another shipping update for the limited Edition of their console.

Ouya wants to be the next big thing on console gaming. With over  10,000 developers lined up, and since the end of March they have been busy shipping units out to Kick starter backers. Ouya has kept the communication channels open and transparent by doing weekly shipping updates on their Kick starter page and via email, like the one they have sent out today.

There’s no real breaking news to tell, but the prove that they are listening to feedback and have adjusted a few things in their shipping workflow:

  • Limited Edition units have been “fast-tracked” and will be shipped out sooner, cutting nearly two weeks off the original time.
  • Standard orders are no longer prioritized over orders with extra controllers. The orders with spare controllers will start shipping early next week.
  • They are working on methods to get international orders out the door faster
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Looking on the bright side, it’s awesome to see a company let us know how things are going during the crazy process of shipping out tens of thousands of units. Kudos Ouya