Samsung predicts sales for the Galaxy S4 to be over 10 million units


The most anticipated Android phone of the year, the Galaxy S4 is close to hitting retail and some big predictions are dropping in regarding the demand for Samsung’s newest flagship smartphone.

According to DigiTimes, supply chain is predicting shipments of around 10 million units in the first month itself, with close to 30 million for the second quarter of 2013. The phone will be launched in 50 countries worldwide by the end of April.Samsung has managed to keep its promise of shipment unlike other brands and we expect a high demand for their Galaxy smartphone so its likely possible for them to sell out the first shipments in record time.

Other companies like HTC, who were having supply issues supply issues for their HTC One phone, Samsung is said to be in a relatively well-situated position since it manufactures most of the components used in its smartphones. Their is also speculation that as the Political tensions in Korea rise, Samsung could also move its manufacturing process to one of its other facilities around the world, particularly in China or Vietnam.