Sony’s PS3: A gaming Jewel

ps3 device

Written: By Jay Phillip

The PS3 emerged as Sony’s successor to the very successful PS2 video game console, which to this date remains the bestselling console, having sold more than 150 million units. With vast improvements made to its hardware and a new emphasis placed on online play and multimedia features, the PS3 continue to uphold the high standards Sony has set over the years.

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The PS3 has taken a step beyond the typical range of video game consoles to offer full compatibility with the popular high definition Blu-ray format while also enhancing its online capabilities. As such, the PS3, with its online capabilities and excellent gaming features, is capable of serving as an all-round AV entertainment hub.As with the PS2, a few of the older PS3 models are backwards compatible. You will want to double check to make sure that the model you select is backwards compatible if you plan to play any of your old PlayStation games. With more than 700 PS3 game-title releases in its lifetime,
only the Nintendo Wii eclipses the PS3 in terms of average monthly game releases. However, with more than 1,000 PlayStation and PS2 titles to choose from as well, the PS3’s game options greatly outnumber the competition.

The PS3 console utilizes IEEE 802.11 wireless standards of Wi-Fi (to achieve internet connectivity) and Bluetooth (to achieve wireless connectivity to its controllers) technologies. With faster CPU and GUI capabilities, along with increased memory and expanded storage, the PS3 offers exceptional speeds and reliability for online game play, video downloads, game rentals and web browsing. Sony has expanded its PlayStation Network by providing a video site that enables users to download videos, films and TV shows from Sony Pictures and several other major production studios directly to their hard drives. Netflix, Facebook and other online features are also available through the PlayStation Network.

“Compatibility with the handheld console ”

The PS3 also offers compatibility with Sony’s handheld video game console, the PSP. The PSP can be used as an additional controller, while the PS3 can be used to download and transfer original PlayStation games to the PSP, either directly or remotely.

In addition, the PS3 supports loads of peripherals such as wireless headsets, controllers, USB and Bluetooth keyboards, network adapters and even a web camera in the form of the PlayStation Eye.All of these gaming console accessories help cut down on the mess and give users an increased range of play and functionality.

The PS3’smultimedia capabilities are unprecedented. On top of being an excellent gaming console, it also has good web browser functionality.The PS3 also makes a strong argument as a central entertainment hub by functioning as a CD, DVD and Blu-ray player, while offering full compatibility with several popular audio file formats. The PS3 is the only video game console that can play the Blu-ray format, which gives Sony a huge head start as far as HD gaming is concerned.

“still lacks the video output rates and features of its closest rival, Microsoft’s Xbox 360”

Although the PS3 still lacks the video output rates and features of its closest rival,Microsoft’s  Xbox 360, its development and emphasis on ‘’shader’’ technologies has helped boost its graphic and video quality output while providing a rich and unique picture. Despite some of the obvious disadvantages, the PS3’s superior installed video memory does help make up for some of the differences in video output and video and graphic generation between the two consoles. One of the major advantages with this game console is the superior manufacturing that goes into all of Sony’s electronics. Over the years, few people have
needed to replace their PS3, which is a huge breath of fresh air in a world of short-lived electronics.

“Sony has done everything in its power to ensure the security of its users’ personal information”

The PlayStation Network, despite the most recent attacks, has proved highly successful, offering unique user IDs, rankings, trophies, avatars, video chat, audio chat and full messenger integration, all while providing online play that intuitively matches users according to skill set, age, language, region and other custom preferences. PlayStation Network accounts offer advanced parental controls by enabling a master account that can control a variety of maturity and time-management options. Because of the recent hacking incident, many users have withdrawn from the PlayStation Network. However, Sony has done everything in its power to ensure the security of its users’ personal information, and it has greatly improved its network security.

As far as support is concerned, there’s a variety of options from Sony ranging from telephone, email and online chat assistance. Sony’s official website offers detailed info about how and where to obtain hardware repair and software updates.  A dedicated Customer Service Department is available to respond to customer queries.

In a nutshell, the PS3 focuses more on action or mature game types, which works perfectly for some and not so well for others. Overall, the PS3 offers the hard-core gamer the most intense and mature gaming experience around.