Samsung to be Investigated for hiring people to bash HTC on the Internet

Samsung seems to love the spotlight, of late, apparently they under investigation by the Taiwanese authorities for allegedly hiring mostly students, to “post malicious comments” online about HTC. The Taiwanese Fair Trade Commission said, through spokesperson Sun Lih-chyun, that ”the case was set up last week after we received complaints”.

Documents have surfaced implicating  Samsung’s involvement in enrolling students in order to criticize HTC, while praising Samsung at the same time, anonymously, on the web. The fine that Samsung would pay if found guilty be about Tw$25 million (about $835,000 or UGX 2 billion ).

Samsung Taiwan has not been informed, as per the subsidiary’s claims, about the investigation, but on its Facebook page it was published that it regretted “any inconvenience and confusion from the Internet event”.