NITAU MD James Ssaka

NITA-U cleared to proceed with the roll-out of the Missing Links Project

This morning, the National Information Technology Authority Uganda (NITA-U) was hosted by the Parliamentary Committee on ICT to update them on the enquiries raised on Uganda’s Missing Links project.
Mondo Ride

Could Mondo ride be redefining the future of ride hailing services in Uganda?

Everyone is used to the slogan "Yita Uber", but this could be no more as Mondo ride is finally in Uganda. Taxify recently introduced...
MTN Unlimited Experience

Here is a complete list of new MTN mobile internet bundles. Check out volume...

Internet has never been cheaper than it is especially as we start the year. We only hope we could carry this over to other months to come.  All major telecoms have had to revise their internet bundles and the beneficiaries have us on the consumer side. MTN recently did revise its internet bundles but the scope was short and limited to only daily bundles, or at least that is where they made the most noise.
Gmail Go app

Google has introduced Gmail Go, that uses less data on your phone

Google has introduced Gmail Go, its latest addition to its line of “Go” apps that are slimmed down versions of their original counterparts. The Go suite of Google apps are meant for phones with basic specifications and lower-end processors, or places with poor

Smile communications extends its “Don’t Miss a Moment” promo

Smile Communications has had several changes made to its pricing strategy over the years. This initially affected the their unlimited data bundles which saw the introduction of a new Unlimited Platinum bundle and also the introduction of the 50, 100 and 200GB new

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https techjaja

Techjaja has switched to HTTPS

After years of readers asking why we haven't already done so, I'm proud to announce that Techjaja now supports HTTPS! If you're wondering what exactly that is, or why it matters, read on.
easy go card

Barclays bank and Vivo energy launch the new Visa enabled EasyGo fuel card

Vivo energy Uganda the official Shell license holder has in conjunction with Barclays bank launched a new convenient easy go card. While Barclays bank has always focused on digitalizing all its services, the new partnership with Shell to provide affordable and convenient Visa enabled cards will surely pay off.
A boda boda

Taxify launches a boda boda hailing option called Taxify Boda. Check out pricing and...

Taxify has launched a boda boda hailing option dubbed Taxify Boda, four months after launching its taxi hailing service in Kampala. The service accessed through Taxify’s main app will allow riders to opt for bodas instead of the conventional taxis they launched with, as the two are displayed side by side. You now have two options of either hailing a cab in form of a taxi or a boda boda instead.