Zooming in on Apple’s $ 2,990 Mac Pro: Not that it will be a popular device in Africa anytime soon

For those who had no idea, tomorrow Apple’s  new Mac Pro officially goes on sale starting at $2,999. We previously saw the company show off this device at WDDC 2013 and was later priced in October. It’s obvious devices with such price tags don’t sell like hot cakes here in Africa, but will this be the one to break the ice? The answer is simple, NO.  Among the specs of this diminutive ‘robot’ like cylindrical desktop computer, that looks like will be a thief magnet include;

  • Intel Xeon E5 processors,
  • Up to 64GB of RAM,
  • Dual AMD Fire Pro graphics chips with up to 6GB of dedicated memory,
  • Up to 1TB of PCI Express solid state storage

One thing is obvious at first glance at this computer, it breaks ways from the traditional casings and adopts a cylindrical shape.  The cheapest version will be at $2,999 you’ll get the following on

  • 3.7GHz quad-core Xeon processor,
  • 12GB of RAM,
  • Dual FirePro D300 graphics,
  • 256GB SSD.

The other variant will cost $3,999 and comes with

  • A 6-core CPU,
  • Dual FirePro D500s,
  • 16GB of RAM .
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As usual the new Mac Pro will be initially available in the United States starting tomorrow from Apple’s retail and online stores, and ships with Apple’s latest OS X Mavericks operating system. So will you get yourself one of these babies once they hit the international market?