Zizi the Zebra

zizi the zebra

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[/blockquote]Vivo energy, the Shell licensee that operates all shell petrol stations and products in Uganda recently launched a new kids game dubbed Zizi the Zebra.  This road safety centric game aims to teach young ones about road safety tips, traffic insignia and so on as they tap their smartphones or tablets screens to help the little Zizi zebra protagonist maneuver it’s way through potholed roads, filled with bins, humps & other traffic obstacles while collecting Shell reward badges.

Call it your next classic Mario but this time around all this fun finds you in Uganda not in Mario land. The educative part is one that makes the game most appealing. So be assured of finding queries like “What is the use of a helmet? ” displayed with a slew of answers to choose from. The right answer earns you points while a wrong one reduces on your karma.  As of this writing, the game has three levels categorized into challenges of Pedestrian, Passenger and Driver with a scoreboard that let’s you compare your progress to other players.

The app names Outbox has its developer and currently counts 100 downloads in the Playstore but given its appeal, road safety features and tips, it’s a far cry given most parents benefit the most since it instills these safety measures into their beloved young ones. Availability on other platforms is yet to be communicated from Vivo as they promised to get back to us.

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You can download the game below
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