Yoza App Review : The battle to replace your local launderette begins

Yoza App review
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Growing up, laundry washing was never top on my list of favorite house chores, but hey I had to dig into that dirty laundry more than often just to get the job done. We all know how lazy or busy one gets to find time to wash their own clothes, so for the first time in Uganda a group of youth have taken their prize-winning app from the MTN App Marathon 2015 competition to real life implementation. This app is called Yoza. Yoza is a local Luganda dialect that means to wash, it aims connect laundry washers to the thousands of Ugandans who own dirty laundry.
Yoza is basically the Uber of laundry. For those who have no idea what Uber is, it’s a successful start-up that connects people with taxi or cab drivers in the US, Europe and Asia. Uber knows that you tend to drive your own car most of the time, but there are occasions when you’re too drunk or it’s inconvenient or you just can’t be bothered, so you whip your phone out and get someone else to do it for you. That, but with laundry. Sounds tempting, or does it? This is the Yoza App review, Uganda’s first laundry service you can access with your Android phone. Get to find out how it works to see if you can consider this service as your next local laundrette.

User Interface

Yoza App review_01The temptation to use the Yoza service continues when you open the app, which is really very nicely designed. I have to give two thumbs up to the makers of the app when it comes to the user interface. The implementation of Google’s latest material design language shines on top throughout the entire app experience. I must admit, the first time I run the app on my phone, it was a jaw dropper, right from the app icon down to all other app pages, the beauty of the apps design runs skin deep.  If I had to give a lecture to app developers in Uganda about effective app design, I would use Yoza as an example.
Sliding left for the Android menu, you will see “Locations” (all attempts to open this from the menu failed), next on the menu is “Book a Washer” which enables you book your favorite laundry washer in advance and there is also a “Settings” option  that will also take you back to locations (and now this one which works). Once you register your location, the app will recommend washers near you. Still on the menu, the “About” and “Help” options also seem not to work — this feel like the app was rushed out — we are sure the guys at Yoza will fix this, since we’re dealing with a beta version for now.
You can only sign up for the service using your Facebook or GooglePlus credentials, no option for signing up with your email, but hey who is complaining?  Using your social media platforms to sign-in means it will be quick and easy. But don’t get fooled, you won’t be able to sign up unless you try to commit to get access to the services of a laundry washer.
The App has featured washers, at the top which promotes a specific washer in a particular locale, and list of all the washers according to location. Don’t forget to use the search bar at the top incase the places are overwhelming for you.

How the service works

Yoza App review
So, you wake up on a Saturday or Sunday morning with a hangover from last night, but you have get through your laundry as well, all you have to do is to open this local launderette app to do the rest for you. You will need to locate a washer in your area, or better still you can then pre-book a washer by calling them up or bookmark them for later reference. I hope people won’t misuse these phone numbers for their own personal reasons since they are now in the public domain.
According to the makers of the app, all payments can be made within the app itself via MTN Mobile Money or on a cash basis but as per the writing of this review. It should be noted that Mobile Money integration is not yet complete. My worry here is that the current payment structure (at least in the app) is absent, for all services rendered now, you may need to negotiate with the washer for the appropriate price and only pray you are not been taken for a ride.
If the Washer has done a great job and you like it, you can recommend him/her within the app’s own five-star review rating system, this will reward quality washers and keep the standards of the Yoza service high. The Yoza service is in over 25 locations with over 100 washers across Kampala and surrounding areas including but not limited to; Munyonyo, Kabusu, Kisaasi,  Naalya, Kansanga, Lubowa, Kitintale, Rubaga, Bunamwaya, Kiwatule, Bugolobi, Kyaliwajala, Najeera, Makindye, Kiira, Kabalagala, Bunga, etc. But, you can also add your favorite local laundry washer so that they can join the party.
Yoza App review_3

Pressing Matters

Apart from the fact that the App is still in beta mode (not yet final), coming across a few bugs here and app crashes will be a rare phenomenon, which ultimately won’t deter you from using this beautifully crafted piece of app work and a potentially great service. There is no surprise that this app won, at the MTN App Marathon.

But here’s the eight-hundred-penny question: how’s the washing quality? I guess those who have used the service will testify in the comments section below. Do they add ironing services with formidably pressed collars and cuffs as well? It’s obvious that thousands of questions will linger through your mind before committing to use Yoza, especially when it comes to trusting a stranger with some of your expensive designer clothes or can I say dirty draws. We think the mobile money implementation from all telcos is much needed feature for such locally to made apps to kick off in Uganda.

Download Yoza here.