YouTube’s subscription music service may be launched next year

Late October this year our very own Remmie Bristol wrote a piece about why YouTube’s upcoming Music subscription service will be a hit  and as the rumors of its macrocosm have increased in recent weeks, reports of YouTube’s still-unofficial music service as been an on-going chat behind closed doors since, well, March.

The latest rumors from AllThingsD, are pointing to a next year launch presumably early. The report further notes that  YouTube has all the licenses it needs to launch a sub-based music service, but the chaps at Google are not quite satisfied with how it all functions at the moment thus pushing the launch to Q1 2014,  We don’t see a quick evolution of such Music subscription services in Uganda considering our internet backbone, but we hope big projects like Google link will pave way for Africa to get connected to most of the Google services we miss out, like its audio All Access streaming service. Plus we also envision start-ups or companies to dish out music streaming services with purely local content in the near future.