Youtube for Android given a fresh look with multitasking, cards and ready for download

After a long time of having the same old YouTube interface, Google is readying a new look for its Android OS. The new UI, is a version 5.0 and introduces a card-based interface that allows you to peek at a video while continuing to browse for others. According to Android Policethe new version of the Android app reveals a faster, more fluid version of YouTube and will be rolling out “soon,” YouTube said.

In this redesigned app a video will continue to play in a smaller window in the corner of the screen, when dragged down with one finger while it’s playing. You can also continue to search for videos and add them to your queue as it plays.

Other features include, the ability to search for playlists for the first time, and if you’re watching videos inside a channel, the next video in the channel will queue up and start playing as soon as the one you’re watching finishes. YouTube also tweaked the feature that lets you share videos, introducing a preview screen that lets you select from among multiple YouTube-connected devices.

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We still wait for YouTube to be released with the new VP9 video standard as promised in May this year that will help to reduce data costs by half. This major UI tweak will still dig deep in our pocked in terms of data usage, but if you like to try it out click the download link below.




Source and Image Credit: Andorid Police