Yours Sincerely: The Dead Nokia

the death of nokia

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My first phone was some old heavy Sony Ericson mobile phone, yes those ones that had small antennas sticking out. Shortly after that, I switched to a Nokia 3210, the iconic and affordable phone back then in the early 2000s. Fast forward over 13 years down the road, we have seen Nokia rise and become the number one mobile phone manufacturer and managed to ship the most phones until its recent death after it went in bed with Microsoft.

Microsoft closed its deal to acquire the mobile and services division of Nokia early this year, and it now appears ready to put Nokia’s iconic mobile brand to the gutters. Yes, Nokia is dead for those who has some slight hope. The phase-out of the Nokia name is clearly stipulated in the terms and conditions of Microsoft’s $7.2 billion deal to acquire the company. So with Nokia’s demise, it has been reported that, Microsoft’s mobile division will now be called Microsoft Mobile.

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Last week, according to a leaked document by Evleaks that was sent to Nokia employees, showed a detailed and clear schedule for the mobile brand’s death after the acquisition was formally announced

These are some of the highlights:

[signoff predefined=”Movie Review Signoff” icon=”icon-bookmark”]Microsoft can continue using the Nokia brand for Lumia devices for another 18 months. It can use the Nokia brand for Nokia X devices until the end of 2015. It can use the Nokia brand for another ten years for other Nokia phones (feature phones). Microsoft says it intends to keep Nokia retail stores and “Care Centers” open for the time being.[/signoff]

With Nokia gone, are you ready to embrace the upcoming Microsoft Mobile brand? And is it me or that name reminds me of those horrible Windows Mobile days?

  • Eristaus

    I’ve always held strong opinions on that issue and I don’t believe that Microsoft starting all over by killing the Nokia brands helps them but let’s wait and see. Looking at Microsoft’s poor marketing I don’t think Microsoft Mobile will catch as a brand.

    • roger bambino

      I think we share the same school of thought…. Am very pessimistic about this whole Microsoft Mobile business just won’t fly.. It’s the hard truth