Your Facebook profile experience is about to change drastically

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Facebook has been cautious about modifying the way your Facebook profile looks and feels. But today profiles are getting a significant redesign and it will change in such a way that your profile is less about what you want to share, and more about what your friends want to see. The upcoming profile as was first reported by venturebeat recently, and it puts a large profile photo front and center.

This change is the biggest departure from the current product, which is now in testing: looping “profile videos” of up to seven seconds that add a new dimension to the design. This of what Snapchat has done with its GIF -like profile photos. With profile videos, Facebook is asking users to get creative with their profiles. Video profiles aren’t required — you can stick with a static image — but I expect that they’ll become enormously popular, assuming they become available to everyone.

Among other changes, Facebook will also now let you set a temporary profile photo that automatically reverts back to the old one after a specified length of time. Maybe you want to show yourself wearing your favorite suit or dress at a wedding or big occasion for a day. Maybe you want to modify your profile to show support for a cause in the news, as when people applied a rainbow filter to their profile pictures to show support for same-sex marriage. Or maybe you want to let people know you are on vacation by adding the text “vacation mode” to a profile of yourself in the ocean. (as shown in image above).

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Below, your profile photo some changes are coming too, until now, you’ve seen your friend’s recent check-ins, news about who they’ve recently befriended, and your mutual friends, if any. Scroll a little lower and you found a carousel with your friend’s “About” section, along with links to their photos and friends. These sections were all relatively small, and as a result you could scroll quickly to your friend’s posts. The old profiles emphasized posts over all but the profile photo — posts were larger than anything else there.

Inorder for your friends to get to know you more, the new profile asks you to write a short bio of yourself (“Dad, Ganja Planter, cyber hacker, etc), and supports the use of emoji. Next comes the “About” field, which tells people where you live, work, go to school, and so on. And then come photos: instead of the previous small square link, they’re now a full-bleed section unto themselves, where they may now be more easily perused by thirsty Facebook Stalkers.  Facebook gives you control over which photos display here: you can choose to “feature” a handful of them. Beneath your featured photos, there’s another photos section, featuring your most recent pictures. And then, underneath that, there’s a full-bleed section showing your friends. Only after that do posts on your Timeline begin showing up.

These and more changes are coming to Facebook profiles, where you like them or not, seems the company will chock them down your throat.