Your Android Smartwatch can now help you find your phone

Find my phone with Android Wear

With every day that comes, Android wear get useful to help out on common tasks. Now, your Android smartwatch can now help you find your phone thanks to a new update introduced to Google’s Android Device Manager app that lets you say “Ok, Google. Start. Find my phone,” into your Android Wear device and your Android phone will start ringing at full volume.

In the new update, you can also enable the tracker by tapping a new “Find my phone” option that shows up in the Start menu. The same tools from Apple, Google, and Microsoft designed to curb theft can also make your phone ring, even if it’s silenced.

Yes, this is the 2015 edition of the Sharper Image key finder. But there are no extra apps to install, or extra things to buy. Now, we hope you don’t lose your watch, since there is nothing like Find My Watch yet.

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Source: Official Android Blog