Your Android lock pattern might be more predictable than you think

Lock Pattern Android

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Thinking that your complex lock pattern will remain secret to only you forever? Well, think again. It, turns out that your Android lock pattern is just as predictable as common number passwords. According to a Norwegian University of Science and Technology graduate Marte Løge, after analyzing over 4,000 patterns for her master’s thesis she made several discoveries. 77% of those that participated started from one of the four corners, and 44% started their patterns from the top left one. The Masters student while presenting her thesis said; “We’re seeing the same aspects used when creating pattern locks [as are used in] pin codes and alphanumeric passwords.”

Løge also concluded based on the mock patterns the participants created for her that most people use only four nodes, with eight-node locks being the least popular. Also, around 10% of the patterns use nodes that form letters (imagine how to write L or M or N using the pattern lock), which are usually the first initial of a participant’s child or lover.

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Løge however, wants to give you tips to keep your password secure. She suggests incorporating crossovers, not starting from a corner, using as many nodes as possible and switching off “make pattern visible” to protect yourself from villainous shoulder surfers. Also don’t forget to constantly wipe your phone’s screen from any traces of your finger-prints.


Image Credit: arstechnica