YouBlog: Will Smart Telecom’s Internet packages last forever?

Smart Telecom logo

This ‘YouBlog’ Post was Written by LUTALO JONATHAN

It’s unfortunate that Smart Telecom is going unnoticed with its favorable internet packages on the market today.
Putting aside its low coverage and poor customer service, once u get a chance of ‘tapping’ its network, Smart has a lot to offer. Smart telecom 3G internet speed is good enough to keep you enjoying your browsing, downloads and social media with no noticeable delays.
With its cheap data bundles that keeps everyone wondering. I mostly enjoy their unlimited night package called night owl that runs from 12 am to 7 am for only UGX 2,500.

“I’ve downloaded almost 5gbs of data per night”

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Secondly, it has a bundle package that gives you 500 MB of data valid for 2hrs for only UGX 999. Where else do u get that?
As I conclude, I would like like to ask Smart Telecom to step up their game and increase on there coverage around the country cause it’s the biggest issue that frustrates everyone including me.
And mostly everyone is having one big question WILL ITS INTERNET PACKAGES LAST FOREVER ?