YouBlog: Apple’s Smart Cover that displays LED notifications

ipad with led

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 Is there still room for design innovation on the iPad?

ipad with led

Maybe not, but that still doesn’t limit the innovative minds of the Tim Cook’s team at Silicon valley. They have pushed this innovation to the Smart Cover of the iPad. Genius. Last Thursday, Apple filed a patent for an “Integrated visual notification system in an accessory device” and it outlines a hardware product that serves as both a screen protector and active alert device.

ipad cover with led_2 pantent
The Apple Patent
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In a nutshell, the filing details both active Smart Cover notifications that would use built-in LEDs, and passive notifications that could support pass-through transmission of light from the iPad display itself through translucent or selectively transparent panels. So, we’ll hopefully soon be able to visually see ┬áincoming mail notification icons, calendar reminders, message bubbles for incoming SMS & Whatsapp texts right off the built-in LED panels on the Smart Cover, without having to flip the cover open. Take that Samsung S-View Cover!!

“I would have loved to see a Smart Cover option with built-in solar panels for our market here in Africa”

The innovation digs deeper, my friends. We all know a power source would be required and the patent describes two ways around this: First, a connection with the magnet on the iPad could be modified to work like a MagSafe adapter and provide a flow of energy; second, the Smart Cover could use inductive charging to derive power from the iPad or another source to power its active notifications. Personally, I would have loved to see a Smart Cover option with built-in solar panels for our market here in Africa, but notification displays are always a win I guess.

Does this make me want to pick one up if ever it goes into production? Very plausible. The current “dumb” Smart Cover of the iPad retails at $39. I’m pretty sure Tim Cook will double this price at the cost of innovation and just because – Apple. I think I’ll stick to my beautiful eye-catching white faux-leather iPad cover from the People’s Republic of China.
Post Title: Apple’s Smart Cover that displays LED notifications.


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  • Caroline Agaba

    cool stuff! won’t this make the cover more bulky though? and won’t the LED screens now need their own cover to be protected from damage? hihi

    • Ellz

      well, let’s just hope they use the much rumoured sapphire glass that they are tempting everyone with. i hear that stuff makes gorilla glass look like child’s play.

    • roger bambino

      great one carol, am not much of an ipad user but i think the ipad is already heavy enuf to and on it extra weights