You will pay less for Apple Music in Uganda than in other countries on your Android phone

AppleMusic Uganda

Now that we Android users are officially enjoying Apple music, somethings have come to grab our attention during our few days of us. The moment you sign up for the music streaming service you will be prompted to confirm your country of registration, and for a country like Uganda (being developing and all) Apple feels we should pay less for this app on a monthly basis. While iOS users and Apple Music users in the USA and other countries will pay $9.99 (UGX 35,000) after the 3 month Trial, the few Apple Music die-hards have been given a discount and will pay $4.99 (UGX 18,000) per month to enjoy the service. At that price the service will allow you do download any music new or old onto your local storage, Count me in!

Apple Music on Android is almost identical to Apple Music on the iPhone. You have the same general interface for setting up your music tastes, controlling song playback, and browsing curated playlists. But Apple has made changes here and there to make it fit in better with Android. Sections of the app are hidden away in a menu off to the side, rather than located in tabs along the bottom as they are on iOS, and small changes to icons and font go far enough to avoid feeling like this is a misplaced iOS app, even if it’s still leaning on Apple’s design language.

music renewal
Screenshot of Subscription Renewal fee in Uganda


To hell with Spotify

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Apple isn’t changing the game with this release on Android — if you already like Apple Music, you’ll like it here; if you’re already committed to other music streaming services like Spotify, there’s little to steal you away. But unfortunately, other big streaming services like Spotify are affected by the”Not available in your country” syndrome so we shall see more people opt for Apple Music on their Android Phones to Spotify here in Uganda and Africa since the latter doesn’t work in these regions. What Apple is doing, however, is declaring itself a serious entrant in the streaming music space by going into territories that other streaming services have failed to reach at attractive subscription fees.