You See? Microsoft now has its own Lumia for Africa

microsoft_nokia first lumia

microsoft_nokia first lumia

Boring look it has if you ask me, Microsoft’s RM-1090 doesn’t look like any different from what Nokia was doing before. The worst part of it is that this will forever be engraved in your heads as Microsoft’s first attempt on making a Lumia branded device. Well looking on the bright side, it’s a dual-SIM handset and that good enough especially here in Africa.

This phone was leaked by¬† both the FCC and its Chinese equivalent, and it comes with a low resolution 5-inch qHD display and 3G-only radios. Yes what-else would send to the developing markets? This screams low-budget even just at looking at the device. It has the Microsoft logo beneath the earpiece instead of good ol’ Nokia we’re used to. For those windows fans who want a low-cost smartphone. Get ready for this baby.