You don’t have to wear glasses to be a nerdy geek!

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Geek week 2015 posts[blockquote right=”pull-left”][/blockquote]A wise man once said, “If you cannot beat them, join them” This is what the jajas at Techjaja have been racking their brains about the past couple of months. Do you really have to wear spects to be a geek? Is it a fancy fading fashion fad? Is it a secular systemic stylistic selection? Or is it a dependable defect-deterring demographic?

Let’s take a look at the varying opinions


Ah, it’s just fashion

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Some people we’ve spoken to are sure it’s merely a fashion thing. Geeks have often been looked down on by society. No house party invites, no funny WhatsApp forwards, not even random Warid calls to check in (they only get called when someone’s laptop is submerged in water).

As a revolution arose circa Steve Jobs & Mark Zuckerburg, geeks decided it was time to fight for what was rightfully theirs. They arose in big numbers, took to Reddit and IRC to strategize on an uprising. The regular world was not prepared for what came next – the geekhood had finally returned to spam the whole world with memes and geek spects!


They’re just copying Hollywood movies

Others strongly believe geeks are just copying that guy from Scorpion, that other guy from Silicon Valley, the other-other guy from Big bang theory, and of course the invisible spects on Troy and Abed, the two geeks from Community!

Here, the going theory is that geeks have seen their rockstar big brothers and sisters on Television, and have decided “THIS is how we convert our XP points into dollars!” The jajas would like to advise that spects have not 100% been proven to turn a geek into a celebrity – the research is still underway.


They spend too much time on those bu-computer things

This opinion was received from many a parent (although, admittedly, we didn’t refer to their children as geeks). Parents and Non-geeks alike all seem to believe the leading cause of geek spects is not fashion but defective eyes. This, we were told, can actually happen in a couple of ways, the most common being lighting.

Light emitted from computers (and smartphones) needs to be balanced with the ambient light of the surrounding. That’s why Cinema screens occupy at least 90% of the wall; that’s why your phone adjusts screen brightness depending on where you are. It is because sharply contrasting lighting can affect eye sight especially for geeks who spend most of their days (and nights) in front of monitor screens glaring right back at them.


It’s too complex to tell

We unfortunately run into a category of interviewees – not sure if they are philosophers or politicians – who couldn’t give us a definite answer to our question. Our impartial jaja editor insisted they also be represented in the post so here’s their paragraph.

This group claimed that geek spects are not caused by one, but by many varying factors. It could be a combination of bad sight and terrible lighting; it could be genetic defects among those who don the spects; it could be repetitive bad computer usage habits; fashion masking the actual lenses that aiding their sight, and many more.

This group had so many varying mixes of opinions, we would have written a whole piece just for them.


This is what other people had to say about geeks and spects

It’s formal. Everyone is wearing geek glasses now, we’re no longer seeing geeks, we’re seeing a bunch of wannabes – Moses (not real names), a freelance quantity surveyor

The people who put on (geek) spects are introverted people – Tom (not real names), an RnB musician .

To some extent, true. Or more like the geeky-ness gets forced on us and we accept it – no point arguing with people. But we aren’t all geeks – there are some “popular” people that wear specs – they just automatically join the geeks. – Ninja (not real names), a self-employed Masters student.

Nowadays, those falas wear contacts to hide themselves among us mortals, so I disagree – DeMenace (not real names) when asked about whether people wearing spects are geeks.

Some just look tooo cool… Cool guys just – Nalumansi (not real names), a networks Database expert with one of the telecoms.

Looking like a geek is not being a geek. And not everyone actually looks like a geek – Ronah (not real names), a MUK finalist

A geek is someone who is special and wears big/humongous spects. Weirdly Special + Spects = Geek – Novenna (not real names), a fulltime IT specialist & consultant

I’m not a geek but I do wear glasses so I disagree – Natalie (not real names), a customer relations expert

Yes, people who do wear glasses are geeks… ‘cause that *stuff* is damn expensive and you have to have a good reason to buy them i.e. geeking on something. – Gavin (not real names), a movie director


Now that you’ve heard from the jajas, what do you think about people with spects? Are they geeks? Let us know in the comments down below

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