You can now submit 360-degree videos in YouTube

360 YouTube camera

YouTube has just included support and now allows you to submit 360-degree videos. This is content that is more useful to owners of VR headsets. This means the market for 360 degree cameras more viable for people who want to produce their content in that format.

The 360-degree videos are more exciting and interactive especially action sports videos . You can also view them from YouTube’s Android app and the company is working to get it on Apple’ iOS devices on board as well.

See a sample below of a 360-degree video. Hint: You can move around it using the navigation dial in the top left:

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There is a new feature that helps expand how users interact with videos. This new 360-degree feature is aimed more at action sports and not concert lovers. Google’s also testing the feature with Street View to enable people view geotagged 360-degree videos when browsing Google Maps.


Source: YouTube Creators Blog

Image Credit: The Verge