You can now share mobile internet with Airtel Uganda’s Tugabane

Airtel Tugabane

Sharing voice airtime is something most telecos in Uganda have managed to do for long, but this week Airtel Uganda has been the first to unveil a similar service on the data side of things.  You can now share mobile internet with Airtel Uganda’s Tugabane, a product that has been launched to help its customers use one line to surf the internet on their smartphones. Airtel Uganda’s Tugabane is a local dialect that means let’s share.

According to their Facebook Page, the latest Airtel innovation lets people share data in such a way that one mobile data subscriber can add up to four other mobile numbers to surf from the same bundle regardless of where these mobile numbers are in the country and internet devices the other individuals have. This means you can use the internet on a smartphone, tablet name it; it will work just fine, just imagine a long distance WiFi hotspot .

According to PR statement from HKStrategies , the Airtel Uganda Marketing Director, Mr. Prasoon Lal he said that,

“Uganda is one of the fastest growing markets for mobile internet services. It is a country which is culturally rich and diverse with one commonality that cuts across which is the spirit of sharing moments of happiness, collective fun and socializing.”

How to Activate Tugabane

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To activate Airtel Uganda’s Tugabane, You dial *175*5# and choose Sub Option 1: TUGABANE, select Activate and enter the numbers you want to share you bundle with. Just make sure whoever you has less affinity for data than you.