Yes, WhatsApp was down for two hours and it caused a worldwide panic!


Many late night Whatsappers have taken to Facebook and Twitter to vet their anger and wondering why their favorite messaging service WhatApp is down. Yes, the entire world has today experienced a Whatsapp total blackout .

It appears the service went offline at around 00:13 (East African Time) with millions now unable to access the popular messaging service. Down detector is showing thousands of outages across Uganda and other parts of the world including the UK, Brazil and the US.

One user wrote on a forum: “Showing Connecting…. Looks like an issue with the service.” Telecom companies are advising people to use SMS, in the meantime as others have resorted to using the WhatsApp competitors like Snapchat and Telegram and other Facebook sister company apps like Messenger and Instagram.

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It’s currently unclear what cased the two hour outage.

UPDATE: After two hours of outages, service to WhatsApp has been restored. We have updated the headline.