Xiaomi kicks Apple off the top smartphone slot in China

Xiaomi Mi Note

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Not long ago Apple was number one Smartphone market leader in China, but it seems its reign on top has been short-lived as researchers at Canalys estimate that local brand Xiaomi has retaken its number one slot to become the country’s smartphone market share leader. Xiaomi recorded 15.9 percent of shipments during the second quarter of the year. This was closely followed by Huawei at 15.7 percent putting Apple as second runner-up Samsung and Vivo rounded out the top five.

Xiaomi recently announced its Mi Note phablet phone, that was praised as the Galaxy Note 4 and iPhone 6 Plus killer and with these results it seems the was really a killer.  We are not certain if Xiaomi’s ascend to the top will be long lived given Huawei is not far from it. Jingwen Wang, Analyst at Canalys

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[signoff icon=”quote-circled”]“The China smart phone market continues to mature, remaining stagnant quarter-on-quarter. Competition among major brands has never been so intense. Huawei recorded the highest smart phone shipments in its history without compromising its product margin or profitability. Apple and Samsung have both increased their sales activities in the China market, expanding rapidly in channel coverage through flagship stores and small to medium size phone retailers respectively. Xiaomi is under immense pressure to maintain its top position in the quarters to come,” [/signoff]