Instagram is on its way to hit 1 billion users, okay its not yet there but with over 700 million users, the Facebook owned company is on the right track. The photo sharing app  is growing fast if not faster and just recently, it announced that it added 100 million users in a space of 4 months to hit 700 million overall users on the video and photo sharing site after announcing 600 million users last December thanks to the new features pulled out of Snapchat’s ‘innovation labs’.

That is 300 million users short of hitting the 1 billion mark enjoyed by its bigger cousins like Facebook, Whatsapp and Messenger. Instagram now seems to have ‘curtailed’ its real threat which would be SnapChat alas copying many of the latter’s core features and integrating them into Instagram.

Instagram’s stories feature, borrowed from SnapChat now has more active users than SnapChat’s total monthly active users. SnapChat is now grappling with its CEOs alleged racially charged comments touting the app as only for rich kids and Instagram is drawing numbers boosted by low end Android devices, web signups and Stories.

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If Instagram is to continue with this growth trend, within a year or two, it will be counting 1 billion users of its service and will join the billionaire club enjoyed by a paltry of apps as mentioned above and Google’s own Gmail, YouTube among others.