WP8 Amber update to bring Smart Camera, FM radio to existing Nokia Lumias

Seems Nokia didn’t only announce a new phone but also promised a new update to its existing Lumia lineup . Except for the Lumia 620 that lacks an FM radio, all other Lumia phones will be updated to turn on an FM radio feature that has lay dormant in the handsets. We recently wrote a feature about the Galaxy S4 having no FM radio and we only hope its also dormant and Samsung will activate it at some point. Microsoft originally introduced Windows Phone 8 without the FM radio support, a feature it previously supported in Windows Phone 7. Nokia’s “amber” update, part of a set of future updates planning for Lumias, will build on an upcoming GDR2 update to Windows Phone 8. Other features, including Nokia’s new Smart Camera app, will also be made available with the amber update. The Lumia 925 also includes double-tap to wake support.